PointerWare Software - Installation Guide

Download Installer

Before you can start installing PointerWare, you need to first download the installer file (if you haven't already done so). Then, you need to locate this file on your computer. It will be named:


Once you have located the file, double-click on it and it should automatically launch the installation wizard.

Unknown Publisher

Before the installation wizard is launched, you might encounter a Windows prompt that says "Unknown Publisher" for which you will need to click "Yes" to proceed.

Select Installer Language

Once the installation wizard launches, you will be asked to select the language that you would like to use for the installer so please do so.

Destination Folder

When you encounter this screen, you can choose to install PointerWare in any folder (except C:\Program Files). The default location is set to C:\PointerWare.

Choose Components to Install

It's recommended for you to leave "Desktop Icons" checked because this will add shortcuts to the PointerWare programs on your main desktop screen.

Installation in progress

After you choose to create shortcuts in the Start menu folder, click on Install, and PointerWare will begin the actual installation process. You will see a few progress indicators. This process may take a few minutes to complete.

.Net 4 Installation

After PointerWare has finished installing, and depending on the version, you might be prompted to "upgrade your .Net Framework automatically", in which case, you must click "Yes" and allow this part of the installation to proceed also.

Reboot your computer

If you had been prompted to install .NET 4 in the previous step, you will be prompted to reboot your computer after the installation finishes. Please do so.

Configuring PointerWare

If an older version of PointerWare had been installed on your computer prior to this, then you shouldn't have to do anything further at this point except to double-click on the PointerWare dog icon on your desktop screen and start using the program. Usually, the configuration utility would be launched automatically after the installation finishes but you can close this if you do not wish to change any of the settings. However, if this is a brand new installation of PointerWare (i.e. if it had either been deleted previously or you are installing on a new computer), then you will be presented with a configuration wizard. If you didn't have to go through the .NET 4 installation process and reboot your computer afterwards, the wizard will be launched automatically. However, if you had to reboot your computer, simply double-click on the PointerWare dog icon, and it will launch the wizard for you.

Windows Firewall prompt

You might be presented with a "Windows Firewall" prompt that will ask you to give it permission to run a program that we use called windows-x86-skypekit. This program is integrated into PointerWare and it will allow you to use our built-in Skype feature to make and/or receive video calls over the Internet. Please make sure that "Private network, such as my home or work network" is selected and then click on "Allow Access".

How to Install

The first screen of the configuration wizard, entitled "How would you like to install PointerWare?" presents you with three options. If you select "I don't want an account yet, I'd just like to test the program out", PointerWare will start running in Demo mode (which has many limitations) but it will allow you to test out all of the major features of the software without having to create your own personal PointerWare account. If you select "I'd like to create a free trial account", you will be presented with a form that asks you to enter the information for the user as well as the supporter before walking you through the remainder of the configuration process. However, if you select "I have an existing account", it will prompt you to validate your License Number and Registration key (which you would have received in an email from us after registering online) before continuing.
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