PointerWare Software - Overview

Why can't everything be this simple?

PointerWare is software designed with first-time elderly computer users in mind. You can configure PointerWare to start immediately when the computer is turned on, hiding the complexity of Windows with an elegantly simple interface.

Easiest Email Ever!

Designed with first-time computer users in mind, each PointerWare client gets their own email address. Family and friends can add pictures and contact information to the users visual address book.

Voice and Video Calling

PointerWare users are just two clicks away from face-to-face time with children, grandchildren, caregivers and friends.

Based on popular Skype™ technology, PointerWare allows anyone with an Internet connection to make free, unlimited video calls to Skype users.

Brain Fitness Games

Studies show that computer use and brain fitness games improve mental health. Keep mentally fit with our games designed specifically for seniors.

One-Touch Photo Viewing

Family photos are never more than a click away with PointerWare's full-screen, fully zoomed photo display.

Photos sent as attachments can be downloaded easily into the PointerWare photo browser with one simple click. With our new photo management system, it's even possible for users to organize their collection into custom albums!

No-Nonsense Web Browser

Frustrated with tiny text and finicky scrollbars?

Navigating the web just got a whole lot easier with PointerWare's simple web browser.

Available in other languages

English is not your native language? Not to worry. PointerWare is currently available in over a dozen different languages with a customized look and feel to suit the needs of our global community.

Remote Support

PointerWare users also have easy access to technical support in case they require assistance at any time. The PointerWare Admin Panel provides a way for them to connect remotely with one of our technicians who will then assume control of their computer and try to assist them.

See the TeamViewer Setup page for instructions on how to setup your computer for remote access.

Word Processor

Fed up with all of the finicky buttons and unnecessary features included in traditional word processors? PointerWare includes an easy to use word processor built in that will make creating documents a snap. You can even email them to friends and family from within the program!

Other Features:

  • IMAP support for GMAIL integration with inbox and sent mail
  • Online Addressbook Customization
  • Printing Emails and Photos
  • View Word, Powerpoint and PDF documents
  • 24-hour Email Support
  • Remote Desktop Support

$13.99 / month or $199 one-time fee!

Try PointerWare FREE for 30 days:

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