The PointerWare Story

PointerWare co-founders Raul Rupsingh and Stephen Beath met while doing their Masters in Medical Imaging. In 2006 the two, who had Computer Engineering backgrounds, realized there was a need in their families for an easy-to-use computer interface. Although they enjoyed their research, the idea of creating seniors-friendly software proved hard to resist and they started the project immediately.

As well as volunteering to teach computers at a local Senior's Centre, Raul and Stephen enlisted the help of Hazel Brunt, the grandmother of a friend, to help them design the software. Hazel was an amazing addition to the team, having never used a computer (or even a VCR) before, she was the perfect person to test the boys' user-interface ideas.

Realizing they lacked business expertise and experience, Raul and Stephen recruited business developer Trevor Denney. Shortly thereafter, Stephen's grandmother, Cora McCune, became a test user. Because Cora lived two hours out of town, the boys adapted the software so it could be maintained remotely over a distance. Cora and Hazel remain valuable test users to this day.

In 2008 the boys developed a version of PointerWare for use at Assisted Living facilities. Windermere on the Mount, a local retirement residence owned by Revera Inc., agreed to test PointerWare with its residents. Over 90% of users switched from using Hotmail to PointerWare! Soon PointerWare was rolled out in Revera retirement residences and long term care homes across the country!

While PointerWare was designed for seniors, it has broader applications for users with:

  • physical disabilities (i.e. visual, arthritis, stroke-related)
  • mental disabilities (i.e. cognitive impairment, learning disorders)
  • those with low levels of literacy

The PointerWare team is committed to the values of connectedness, empowerment and simplicity.
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